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Your Home - Saving On Electricity (In the Summer)

With mid June here, and kids have been off school for a week a so or now, you may find your electricity bill taking an unwanted rise, causing a lot of expenses that could have been saved for those summer trips. Do not fret! In the list below, we've gathered the best ways to watch out for your electricity use in the summer. We recommend practicing some or most of them!

  • Cut down on energy leaks. This includes turning off lights and other electronics. When you leave a room, turn off the light behind you. Unplug electronics that aren't being used, such as cell phone chargers, small appliances like toasters, or power strips that provide power for many appliances.

  • Spend time outdoors. Spending a lot of time indoors will naturally lead to higher energy costs because you will be using lights, electronics, and air conditioning. Spending more time outdoors means you can turn off indoor electronics, and in the process, you will have fun going to the beach, the park, the movies, and so on. Turn off all electronics before leaving the house.

  • Close blinds, storm windows, or shades during the day. The sun can heat up a room very quickly. Keeping the sun from shining into windows will cut down on cooling costs; many stores sell curtains specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Use fans instead of air conditioning. Circulation is important to using less air conditioning during the summer. Cool down the house early in the morning by placing a box fan in the window and opening up another window at the opposite end of the house, as well as turning on ceiling fans. Box fans sit perfectly in most windows and help cool outside air come inside.

  • Use air conditioning efficiently. Set the thermostat to 78, and don't lower it. You can also turn the air conditioning off at night and in the early morning. If you want to invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner, these are 10-15% more efficient.

  • Use electricity during off-peak hours. If you plan to use electronics, like a washer and dryer, air conditioning, and computers or televisions, try to do so during off-peak hours like early in the morning or late at night. Electrical companies charge less for energy consumed during off-peak hours.

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